Dual Online Documentation Resources

The docs.devexpress.com web resource mirrors the current DevExpress documentation site (documentation.devexpress.com) and adds long-requested capabilities such as version switch and adaptive layout. The new version will eventually replace the older website. While we prepare our resources for migration, you are free to use any of the two sites. Both are fully functional and the few differences between them are outlined in the following section.

Differences between the Two Versions

Content differences between the two resources are minimal. Many of you will find it most practical to use our classic documentation because of its superior search capabilities. We only allow Google to index our older website to prevent conflicts between the two versions.

The new site, however, has technical advantages and boasts .NET Core, JavaScript, iOS, and Android API Reference. Review the detailed list of differences below.

documentation.devexpress.com docs.devexpress.com
Search google.com, search.devexpress.com (Google Cloud API) Search box on docs.devexpress.com (Lucene API)
Latest Described Version v19.2 v19.2
Version Switch No v17.2 - v19.2
API Reference for .NET Core, JavaScript, iOS & Android No Yes
TOC Filter Box No Yes
Adaptive Design No Yes