Download the Trial Version

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This document describes how to download the full-featured free 30-day trial version of DevExpress .NET products.


Your system should meet the ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, WinForms, WPF, and UWP requirements.

DevExpress provides the following installers:

  • Unified Installer for .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core and HTML5 Developers

    This installer includes components and libraries for .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, and HTML/JavaScript development. This installer integrates DevExpress components into your Visual Studio IDE.

    Download Page |   Offline installer |   Install DevExpress .NET Products


    The Download Page provides a link to the online installer. The online installer downloads the necessary files to install the trial version. If the online installer cannot download the installation files, it provides you a link to download the offline installer.

  • Unified Installer for .NET Core 3.0 Desktop Development

    This installer includes DevExpress WinForms (CTP) and WPF components and libraries built against .NET Core 3.0. The installer creates a local NuGet feed with DevExpress .NET Core assemblies, and adds this feed into your Visual Studio 2019 IDE.

    You can install these products side by side with the .NET Framework installation.

    Download Page |   Install DevExpress .NET Core 3 Desktop Products

These installers install demo applications that illustrate DevExpress .NET products' functionality.

Get Free Support

During the trial version evaluation period, we provide you FREE tech support. To use this option, Create a New DevExpress Account and create a ticket in the Support Center.