ASPxDashboardViewer.DashboardSource Property

Gets or sets a dashboard supplier for the ASPxDashboardViewer.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWeb

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v18.2.Web.WebForms.dll


public object DashboardSource { get; set; }
Public Property DashboardSource As Object

Property Value

Type Default Description


A Object value specifying a dashboard supplier for the ASPxDashboardViewer.


There are two ways to provide a dashboard to be opened in the ASPxDashboardViewer using the DashboardSource property.

  1. Using a dashboard XML definition.

    Assign the string containing the absolute or relative path to the dashboard XML file to the DashboardSource property.

    ASPxDashboardViewer1.DashboardSource = @"App_Data/Dashboard.xml";
  2. Using a dashboard created at design time.

    Assign the type of this dashboard to the DashboardSource property...

    ASPxDashboardViewer1.DashboardSource = typeof(Dashboard1);

    ...or use the string containing the dashboard class name.

    ASPxDashboardViewer1.DashboardSource = "WebApplication1.Dashboard1";

    Note that specifying the dashboard source using the string containing the dashboard class name is not supported at the Medium Trust permission level.

If necessary, you can load a dashboard at runtime by handling the ASPxDashboardViewer.DashboardLoading event. This event is raised when the ASPxDashboardViewer.DashboardId property is specified. Note that the DashboardSource property is ignored in this case.

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