How to: Customize Connection Settings before DashboardViewer Connects to a Database

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This example demonstrates how to customize connection settings before the DashboardViewer connects to a database using the DashboardViewer.ConfigureDataConnection event.

In this example, the dashboard's XML definition contains a path to the secured Microsoft Access database. To visualize data from this database file, it is necessary to provide connection parameters; in particular, a user name and password for authentication. The DashboardViewer.ConfigureDataConnection event is used for this purpose. Its Access97ConnectionParameters.UserName and FileConnectionParametersBase.Password parameters are used to provide the user name and password respectively.

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using DevExpress.DataAccess.ConnectionParameters;
using DevExpress.DashboardCommon;
using DevExpress.XtraEditors;

namespace Dashboard_ConfigureDataConnection {
    public partial class Form1 : XtraForm {
        public Form1() {

            // Loads a dashboard from an XML file.

        // Handles the ConfigureDataConnection event.
        private void dashboardViewer1_ConfigureDataConnection(object sender, 
            DashboardConfigureDataConnectionEventArgs e) {

            // Checks the name of the connection for which the event has been raised.
            if (e.DataSourceName == "SQL Data Source 1") {

                // Gets the connection parameters used to establish a connection to the database.
                Access97ConnectionParameters parameters = 

                // Specifies the user name used to access the database file. 
                parameters.UserName = "Admin";

                // Specifies the password used to access the database file.
                parameters.Password = "password";
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