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Data Source Browser

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The Data Source Browser allows you to navigate through dashboard data sources. It displays the data source structure and allows you to bind dashboard items to the required data source fields using drag-and-drop operations. The Data Source Browser also enables you to manage calculated fields.


The Data Source Browser contains the following elements.

  • Data Source drop-down list - allows you to select the required data source. The DashboardDesigner.SelectedDataSource property identifies the currently selected data source.
  • Query/Data Member drop-down list - allows you to select the required query or data member. The DashboardDesigner.SelectedDataMember property identifies the currently selected query/data member.


    Note that the Query/Data Member drop-down list is displayed for the SQL or Entity Framework data sources. If the selected query/data member supports server mode, the ServerModeEnabledIcon will be displayed next to its name. Otherwise, the ServerModeDisabledIcon icon will be displayed.

  • The following Command buttons are available.

    The UIElements_DataSourceBrowser_GroupFieldsButton button groups fields by type.

    The UIElements_DataSourceBrowser_SortAscendingButton and UIElements_DataSourceBrowser_SortDescendingButton buttons are used to switch the sort order.

    The DataSourceBrowser_RefreshFieldList button is used to refresh the Field List.

    The ChangeDataSourceIcon button allows you to change the binding of the dashboard item to the currently selected data source/data member.

  • Field List displays data source fields. You can drag these fields to the data item placeholders to specify data binding.

The Data Source Browser identifies the following data field types.

Icon Description
field-list-icon-boolean Boolean
field-list-icon-byte Byte
field-list-icon-date-time Date-time
field-list-icon-number UIElements_DataSourceBrowser_FieldListIconNumericFloat Numeric
field-list-icon-string String
field-list-icon-calculated-field SummaryCalculatedFieldIcon Calculated field