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A documentation for the DevExpress Dashboard that allows users to create interactive data visualization for Desktop and Web platforms, and Mobile devices.

Get Started


Build your Dashboard application for the selected platform and use this application to create or display a dashboard.

Basic Concepts and Terminology


Learn about the main concepts and terminology related to the DevExpress Dashboard.

  • DevExpress Dashboard Architecture - Contains a detailed description of the main dashboard terms.
  • Dashboard - Introduces the concept of a dashboard that is the main component that visualizes data using different types of elements (dashboard items) - charts, grids and pivot tables, maps, etc.
  • Dashboard Designer - Describes WinForms and Web controls that are the basis of Dashboard Designer applications.
  • Dashboard Viewer - Describes the Dashboard Viewers that can be used to embed dashboards created in the Dashboard Designer into a Desktop (WinForms and WPF) or Web application.
  • Dashboard Items - Lists the available dashboard items that are visualization elements designed to present visual or textual information in a dashboard.
  • Data Sources - Provides the overview of available data source types such as SQL databases, OLAP cubes, Excel workbooks, etc.
  • Measures and Dimensions - Introduces the concept of measures and dimensions that are used to manage data aggregation/summarization.

Common Features

Explore the common DevExpress Dashboard features that allow you to transform underlying data to a dashboard.

Designer and Viewer Applications


Prepare and integrate the Dashboard Control into a Desktop (WinForms and WPF) or Web application.

Create Dashboards


Create a dashboard in the Dashboard Designers available on different platforms.


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