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ISpellChecker Methods

The base interface for a spell checker.
Name Description
AddToDictionary(String) Add a word to a custom dictionary.
AddToDictionary(String, CultureInfo) Add a word to a custom dictionary.
CanAddToDictionary() Determines whether a word can be added to a custom dictionary.
CanAddToDictionary(CultureInfo) Determines whether words of the specified language can be added to the dictionary.
Check(Object) Checks the specified control for spelling mistakes.
Check(Object, ISpellCheckTextController, Position, Position) Checks the spelling of the text available through the controller interface in the specified range and returns on the first error that occurrs.
CheckText(Object, String, Int32, CultureInfo) Checks the specified text in the specified control with the specified culture.
GetOptions(Object) Provides access to spell checking options for a specified control.
GetSuggestions(String, CultureInfo) Constructs an ordered list of suggestions for a given word.
Ignore(Object, String, Position, Position) Disregards a word in a text.
IgnoreAll(Object, String) Skips the specified word throughout the entire content of the specified control.
RegisterIgnoreList(Object, IIgnoreList) Registers a list of words as the words to ignore while checking.
UnregisterIgnoreList(Object) Unregisters the previously registered list of words which should be skipped while checking.
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