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OriginalOccurrenceDateHelper.Update(AppointmentStorageBase) Method

Populates the data source fields mapped to the Appointment.OriginalOccurrenceStart and Appointment.OriginalOccurrenceEnd properties.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v18.2.Core.dll


public static void Update(
    AppointmentStorageBase storage
Public Shared Sub Update(
    storage As AppointmentStorageBase


Name Type Description
storage AppointmentStorageBase

An AppointmentStorageBase object that is the storage containing appointments.


The Update method calculates the recurring series for appointment patterns and updates the data fields mapped with the AppointmentMappingInfo.OriginalOccurrenceStart and AppointmentMappingInfo.OriginalOccurrenceEnd properties. For changed and deleted occurrences, the method stores the Appointment.Start and Appointment.End values of a regular occurrence in a series, i.e., an occurrence that follows the recurrence rule.

For other appointments, the Update method writes the Appointment.Start and Appointment.End values to the OriginalOccurrenceStart and OriginalOccurrenceEnd data fields.

The OriginalOccurrenceStart and OriginalOccurrenceEnd data fields can be used to build the queries in the SchedulerStorageBase.FetchAppointments event handler so that changed occurrences are not filtered out. For more information, review the FetchAppointments Event - Handling Large Datasets article.

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