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ISchedulerStorageBase Properties

A base platform-independent interface that defines a storage which holds the Scheduler data.
Name Description
AppointmentDependencies Gets a storage object which manages dependencies between appointments.
Appointments Gets a storage object that contains appointments.
DateTimeSavingMode Gets or sets in what time zone to store the appointment dates.
EnableReminders Gets or sets whether appointments can have associated reminders.
EnableSmartFetch Gets or sets whether restrictive internal criteria for raising the SchedulerStorageBase.FetchAppointments event are applied to reduce the number of data requests.
EnableTimeZones Gets or sets whether the scheduler saves the appointment time zone information.
FetchOnVisibleResourcesChanged Gets or sets whether to raise the FetchAppointments event when the EnableSmartFetch property is switched on and visible resources are changed.
ReminderDstBehaviorType Gets or sets the reminder's behavior if the reminder alert falls within the interval that actually doesn't exist because of the Daylight Saving Time shift.
RemindersCheckInterval Gets or sets the time interval a reminder's alert time should be checked (in milliseconds).
RemindersEnabled Gets whether the reminders are enabled.
Resources Gets the object which manages resources for appointments.
ResourceSharing Gets or sets a value indicating whether an appointment can be associated with multiple resources.
SupportsRecurrence Gets whether the scheduler storage can have recurrence information.
SupportsReminders Gets whether the scheduler storage can have reminder data.
TimeZoneId Gets or sets the time zone in which the storage operates.
UnboundMode Gets a value indicating if the scheduler storage is bound to data.
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