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IPersistentObjectStorage<T> Members

Base interface that defines a storage which holds persistent objects.


Name Description
AutoReload Gets or sets whether persistent object data is automatically fetched from the data source when it is modified.
CustomFieldMappings Provides access to a collection of custom field mappings.
DataMember Gets or sets the data source member which supplies data to the storage object.
DataSource Gets or sets the object used as the data source to store persistent objects (appointments, resources., appointment dependencies).
Filter Gets or sets a string used to filter storage objects.
FilterCriteria Gets or sets the criteria to filter persistent objects in the storage.
Items Gets the collection of persistent objects within the storage.
Mappings Provides access to property mappings.
Storage Provides access to the base storage component which holds persistent objects of any kind.


Name Description
AppendBaseMappings(MappingCollection) Clears existing base mappings and appends the specified mappings.
Clear() Locks the IPersistentObjectStorage<T> object by disallowing visual updates until the EndUpdate or CancelUpdate method is called.
CreateCustomFields(T) Creates the custom fields specific to this persistent object and adds them to the object's custom fields collection.
Dispose() Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources. Inherited from IDisposable.
GetColumnNames() Gets the names of data columns associated with this IPersistentObjectStorage<T> object.
GetObjectRow(T) Returns the data row object that contains information about the specified persistent object.
GetObjectValue(T, String) Obtains the value of the specified field in the data row that contains information about the specified persistent object.
SetObjectValue(T, String, Object) Assigns the specified value to a field in the data row that contains information about the specified persistent object.
ValidateDataSource() Checks mapped data source fields and mappings for availability and duplicates.
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