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AppointmentSynchronizer Class

Serves as the base class for classes that provide functionality for synchronizing the appointments contained in the XtraScheduler storage and another scheduling application.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.Exchange

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v19.1.Core.dll


public abstract class AppointmentSynchronizer :


To create a synchronization mechanism, you should initialize the AppointmentSynchronizer instance by specifying the calendar folder path and the name of the data field that stores the EntryID (AppointmentSynchronizer.ForeignIdFieldName). Then, call the AppointmentSynchronizer.Synchronize method and take advantage of the AppointmentSynchronizer.AppointmentSynchronizing and AppointmentSynchronizer.AppointmentSynchronized events to control the synchronization process.

AppointmentExportSynchronizer synchronizer = schedulerControl1.Storage.CreateOutlookExportSynchronizer();
// Specify the field that contains appointment identifier used by a third-party application.
synchronizer.ForeignIdFieldName = OutlookEntryIDFieldName;
// The AppointmentSynchronizing event allows you to control the operation for an individual appointment.
synchronizer.AppointmentSynchronizing += new AppointmentSynchronizingEventHandler(exportSynchronizer_AppointmentSynchronizing);
// The AppointmentSynchronized event indicates that the operation for a particular appointment is complete.
synchronizer.AppointmentSynchronized += new AppointmentSynchronizedEventHandler(exportSynchronizer_AppointmentSynchronized);
// Specify MS Outlook calendar path.
((ISupportCalendarFolders)synchronizer).CalendarFolderName = comboBoxEdit1.EditValue.ToString();
// Perform the operation.
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