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RtfExportOptions Properties

Contains options which define how a document is exported to RTF format.
Name Description
EmptyFirstPageHeaderFooter Specifies whether or not the header and footer contents should be displayed on the first page of the final document. Inherited from FormattedTextExportOptions.
ExportMode Gets or sets a value indicating how a document is exported to RTF.
ExportPageBreaks Specifies whether or not page breaks should be included in the resulting file when a document is exported to RTF/DOCX. Inherited from FormattedTextExportOptions.
ExportWatermarks Specifies whether or not watermarks should be included in the resulting file. Inherited from FormattedTextExportOptions.
KeepRowHeight Specifies whether the height of table cells in a resulting document should have fixed values, or adding a new line of text to a cell's content should increase the row height. Inherited from FormattedTextExportOptions.
PageRange Specifies the range of pages to be exported. Inherited from FormattedTextExportOptions.
RasterizationResolution Specifies the resolution used to rasterize vector images on export to the corresponding document format. Inherited from PageByPageExportOptionsBase.
RasterizeImages For internal use.
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