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PrintingSystemBase.SaveDocument(String, NativeFormatOptions) Method

Saves a document to the specified file path in a native XML format (PRNX) using the specified PRNX-specific options.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraPrinting

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v18.2.Core.dll


public void SaveDocument(
    string filePath,
    NativeFormatOptions options
Public Sub SaveDocument(
    filePath As String,
    options As NativeFormatOptions


Name Type Description
filePath String

A String which specifies the file name (including the full path) for the created PRNX file.

options NativeFormatOptions

A NativeFormatOptions object which specifies the PRNX-specific options to be applied when a document is saved.


Use the SaveDocument and PrintingSystemBase.LoadDocument methods to save a printing system's document (all its pages and bricks) to a PRNX file, and then load it into another printing system instance. This may be required, for example, when it's necessary to pass a generated report to another machine that doesn't have access to the same data as the machine that generated the report.

In addition, the printing system's PrintingSystemBase.ExportOptions provides the ExportOptions.NativeFormat property, which specifies how a document should be saved to a PRNX file. For example, set the NativeFormatOptions.Compressed property to true to reduce the size of the resulting PRNX file.


Before saving a printing system's document, it must be created. For example, use the LinkBase.CreateDocument method for this.

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