PrintingSystemBase.End() Method

Finishes a report’s generation.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraPrinting

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v21.1.Core.dll


public void End()


This method signals that report generation has finished. All bricks created after calling the PrintingSystemBase.Begin method and before calling the End method are included in the report.

No changes can be applied to a report after the End method has been called.


The number of PrintingSystemBase.Begin method calls must equal the number of End method calls.


The following code demonstrates how to create a VisualBrick and specify its dimensions and border settings, using the BrickGraphics.DrawRect method:

using DevExpress.XtraPrinting;
// ...

    VisualBrick visBrick;
    BrickGraphics brickGraph = printingSystem1.Graph;

    // Start the report generation.

    // Create a rectangle.
    RectangleF rect = new RectangleF(new PointF(0, 0), new SizeF(150, 50));

    // Specify a page area.
    brickGraph.Modifier = BrickModifier.Detail;

    // Add a brick to the report.
    visBrick = brickGraph.DrawRect(rect, BorderSide.All, Color.Yellow, Color.Blue);

    // Finish the report generation.

    // Preview the report.
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