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PdfExportOptions Members

Contains options that define how a document is exported to PDF format.


Name Description
PdfExportOptions() Initializes a new instance of the PdfExportOptions class with the default settings.


Name Description
AdditionalMetadata Specifies the additional metadata that is added to the PDF document's metadata.
Attachments Provides access to the attachment files list of the document.
Compressed For internal use.
ConvertImagesToJpeg Specifies whether or not all bitmaps contained in the document should be converted to JPEG format during exporting to PDF.
DocumentOptions Gets the options to be embedded as Document Properties of the created PDF file.
ExportEditingFieldsToAcroForms Specifies whether to convert a report's editing fields to AcroForms on PDF export.
ImageQuality Gets or sets the quality of images in the resulting PDF file.
NeverEmbeddedFonts Gets or sets a semicolon-delimited string of values with the font names which should not be embedded in the resulting PDF file.
PageRange Gets or sets the page range to be exported. Inherited from PageByPageExportOptionsBase.
PasswordSecurityOptions Provides access to the PDF security options of the document, which require specifying a password.
PdfACompatibility Specifies document compatibility with the PDF/A specification.
PdfACompatible Obsolete. Obsolete. Use the PdfExportOptions.PdfACompatibility property instead.
RasterizationResolution Specifies the resolution used to rasterize vector images on export to the corresponding document format. Inherited from PageByPageExportOptionsBase.
RasterizeImages For internal use.
ShowPrintDialogOnOpen Gets or sets whether to display the Print dialog when a PDF file is opened.
SignatureOptions Provides access to the digital signature options of PdfExportOptions.


Name Description
Assign(ExportOptionsBase) Copies all the settings from the PdfExportOptions object passed as a parameter.
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Validate() Checks the validity of PDF export options and returns a list of any detected inconsistencies.
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