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IPrintable.PropertyEditorControl Property

If implemented by a class, returns a form which allows a user to set printing properties when implemented by a class.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraPrinting

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v18.2.dll


UserControl PropertyEditorControl { get; }
ReadOnly Property PropertyEditorControl As UserControl

Property Value

Type Description

The Property editor form that allows customizing printing properties of a control.


The Property editor is a custom form that allows a user to customize printing properties of the IPrintable control. You can create a form derived from the System.Windows.Forms.UserControl class and arrange different visual elements on it to enable a user to visually set printing properties for a control

The Property editor is activated at design time, for instance, in the Link Collection Editor for the PrintingSystem component by pressing the PropertyEditorButton button.

When the Property editor is activated, the "Ok", "Cancel", "Apply", and "Help" buttons are also displayed at the bottom of the Property editor form. If you want to supply the help system for the Property editor, you should use the IPrintable.SupportsHelp and IPrintable.ShowHelp methods. The first method is called to determine whether the help system is available for the Property editor. The second method must invoke the help system itself.

To apply changes made to the control with the help of the Property editor, a user presses the "Apply" or "Ok" button, which calls the IPrintable.AcceptChanges method. To cancel changes made to the control a user presses the "Cancel" button, which invokes the IPrintable.RejectChanges method.

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