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PageWatermark Properties

Represents a page's watermark.
Name Description
ActualImage For internal use.
Font Gets or sets the font of the PageWatermark.
ForeColor Gets or sets the foreground color of the PageWatermark's text.
Image Gets or sets the PageWatermark's picture.
ImageAlign Gets or sets the position of the PageWatermark's picture.
ImageTiling Gets or sets a value indicating if a PageWatermark's picture should be tiled.
ImageTransparency Gets or sets the transparency of the watermark's image.
ImageViewMode Gets or sets the mode in which a picture PageWatermark is displayed.
ShowBehind Gets or sets a value indicating whether a watermark should be printed behind or in front of the contents of a page.
Text Gets or sets a PageWatermark's text.
TextDirection Gets or sets the incline of the PageWatermark's text.
TextTransparency Gets or sets the transparency of the PageWatermark's text.
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