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LinearGradientBrushObject(String) Constructor

Creates a LinearGradientBrushObject object based on the specified string data.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGauges.Core.Drawing

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGauges.v18.2.Core.dll


public LinearGradientBrushObject(
    string dataTag
Public Sub New(
    dataTag As String


Name Type Description
dataTag String

A string that contains data used to initialize the created LinearGradientBrushObject object.


The following is an example of using the current constructor. The dataTag parameter contains values to initialize the LinearGradientBrushObject.StartPoint, LinearGradientBrushObject.EndPoint, BaseGradientBrushObject.StartColor and BaseGradientBrushObject.EndColor properties.

arcScaleComponent1.AppearanceScale.Brush = new LinearGradientBrushObject("Geometry[Start:0, 0;End:5, 5] Colors[Start:Sienna;End:Wheat]");
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