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SeriesTemplate.SeriesColorizer Property

Gets or sets the Series Colorizer that automatically paints series.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v18.2.dll


[XtraSerializableProperty(XtraSerializationVisibility.Content, true)]
public SeriesColorizerBase SeriesColorizer { get; set; }
<XtraSerializableProperty(XtraSerializationVisibility.Content, True)>
Public Property SeriesColorizer As SeriesColorizerBase

Property Value

Type Description

The Series Colorizer that automatically paints series.


The following code demonstrates how to configure the colorizer and uses the properties below:

Property Description
SeriesKeyColorColorizer.PaletteName Gets or sets the name of the palette whose colors the colorizer assigns to series.
SeriesKeyColorColorizer.Keys Returns the collection of keys that the colorizer uses to assign colors to series.
SeriesKeyColorColorizer.KeyProvider Gets or sets the object that converts series data member values into series keys.
SeriesKeyColorColorizer colorizer = new SeriesKeyColorColorizer() {
    // The colorizer uses the specified palette's colors.
    PaletteName = "Office2013",
    // The custom key provider that the colorizer uses 
    // to convert the series data member's value to another object.
    KeyProvider = new CustomKeyProvider()
// Keys that colorizer assigns to its palette's colors to create key-color pairs.
// The first key forms a pair with the first color, the second key with the second color, etc.
colorizer.Keys.AddRange(new object[]{"One", "Two", "Three"});
chartControl.SeriesTemplate.SeriesColorizer = colorizer;
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