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CustomizeCellEventArgs Members

Provides data for events that allow cells in the export output to be customized.


Name Description
CustomizeCellEventArgs() Initializes a new instance of the CustomizeCellEventArgs class.


Name Description
AreaType Gets or sets the type of the current cell in the export document. Inherited from CustomizeCellEventArgsBase.
ColumnFieldName Gets or sets the data source field name to which the current cell corresponds. Inherited from CustomizeCellEventArgsBase.
DataSourceOwner Gets the source control being exported. Inherited from DataAwareEventArgsBase.
DataSourceRowIndex Gets the data source row index to which the current cell belongs. Inherited from DataAwareEventArgsBase.
DocumentRow Gets the index of the row in the export output to which the current cell is exported. Inherited from DataAwareEventArgsBase.
Formatting Gets or sets the object that defines the cell's formatting settings (font, alignment, background color, format string, etc.) Inherited from CustomizeCellEventArgsBase.
Handled Gets or sets whether the event is handled, and thus your cell customizations will be applied. Inherited from DataAwareEventArgsBase.
Hyperlink Specifies the hyperlink, which belongs to the currently processed cell.
RowHandle Gets the handle (identifier) of the current data row in the source control. Inherited from DataAwareEventArgsBase.
SummaryItem Gets or sets information on the summary calculated in the currently processed cell. This property is in effect only for summary cells.
Value Specifies the value of the cell currently being processed.


Name Description
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