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ISolutionTypesProvider Methods

If implemented, provides access to the known types in the current solution.
Name Description
AddReference(String) Adds a new reference by an assembly name.
AddReferenceFromFile(String) Adds a new reference by an assembly file path.
FindType(Predicate<IDXTypeInfo>) Returns the first found type that satisfies the specified predicate.
FindType(String) Obtains a project type by its full name.
FindTypes(IDXTypeInfo, Predicate<IDXTypeInfo>) Obtains a collection of types that extend the specified base class and satisfy the specified predicate.
FindTypes(Predicate<IDXTypeInfo>) Obtains a collection of types that satisfy the specified predicate.
GetAssembly(String) Obtains the specified assembly
GetAssemblyReferencePath(String, String) Returns the path to an application's assembly reference.
GetProjectTypes(String) Obtains project types available in the specified assembly.
GetTypes() Obtains a collection of available types.
IsReferenceExists(String) Indicates whether the specified assembly is referenced by the project.
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