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CriteriaOperator.UnregisterCustomFunction(String) Method

Unregisters a custom function with a specified name from use in any CriteriaOperator-based criteria in your application.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.Filtering

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v19.2.dll


public static bool UnregisterCustomFunction(
    string functionName
Public Shared Function UnregisterCustomFunction(
    functionName As String
) As Boolean


Name Type Description
functionName String

The name of a custom function to unregister.


Type Description

true if a custom function whose name matches the functionName has successfully been removed from a collection returned by the CriteriaOperator.GetCustomFunctions function; otherwise, false.


To remove a custom function instance, call the other CriteriaOperator.UnregisterCustomFunction overloaded method and pass the instance as its parameter.

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