Structural Highlighting

The Structural Highlighting options page enables you to specify the Structural Highlighting options.


The options page includes the following options:


Specifies Structural Highlighting availability.


Show connections with

Specifies the direction of lines connecting block bounds. You can choose one of the following values:

  • Horizontal and vertical lines


  • A single vertical line


  • Diagonal lines



Connect tags centers

Specifies the way a highlighting line connects to an xml tag. See the following screenshots:

  • On


  • Off



Default color, Default opacity, and Default thickness

These options specify what a highlighting line looks like by default.



Lists the elements available for structural highlighting. Use this list to customize display options for any element.

The Elements list includes two tabbed pages:

  • General Elements - includes C#, C++, and Visual Basic structural elements.
  • Xml Elements - includes XML tags. The important feature of this page is the ability to add or remove custom tags.

    To add a tag, type its name and click Add Xml Element.



Custom settings overrides

This section includes options for a selected element of the Elements list:

  • Suppress connecting lines for this element - check this option to disable highlighting of an element.
  • Custom color, Custom opacity, and Custom thickness - use these options to override the default values for the selected element.