Intelligent Paste

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The Intelligent Paste page lists the Intelligent Paste expansions, and enables you to customize options for each item.


The options page consists of the expansions list on the left part of the options page, and the options of the selected item in the right part.

Since you have selected an expansion, you can specify the following options related to the expansion:

Option Description
Enabled If this option is on, CodeRush Classic uses a common clipboard contents stack for all Visual Studio sessions. Otherwise, each Visual Studio instance has its own stack.
Name The expansion name.
Match With Specifies the clipboard template. If a code contained in the clipboard matches this template, the expansion activates.
Replacement Specifies the code block pasted by the expansion, instead of the initial clipboard content.
Comment The additional information on the expansion. The value of this option does not affect the expansion functionality.
Match across line breaks If this option is on, CodeRush Classic compares each code line contained in the clipboard with the template, and activates the expansion for each match.
Allow partial-line matches If this option is on, the expansion is activated even if only a part of a clipboard content matches the template. In this case, the expansion changes only the part that matches the template.
Treat single spaces as optional whitespace If this option is on, CodeRush Classic treats each whitespace in the values of the Match With and Replacement options as the %ws% regular expression. For instance, the %Identifier1% %Identifier2% value is treated as %Identifier1%%ws%%Identifier2%
Preserve original whitespace Specifies whether whitespaces from a clipboard content are preserved in the expansion.
The expansion context Specifies the context in which the expansion is available.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.