Message Log

The Message Log options page specifies message logging options.


The options page contains the following options:

Option Description
Enable logging messages Enables or disables logging. If this option is unchecked, the following options are disabled.
Maximum entries Specifies the maximum number of log entries. If the current number of entries is more than the number specified in this field, the first entry is removed each time a new one appears.
Log Visual Studio commands Specifies whether the Visual Studio commands are logged to the Message Log tool window.
Log internal tool window events Specifies whether the internal tool window commands are logged to the tool window.
Log messages to disk Specifies whether messages are saved to the %Settings%/Log folder on disk. The path to settings is specified via the Settings options page.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.