Open Files

The Open Files tool window lists files that are currently open, and lets you easily activate any file in the list with a single click.

You can filter the listed files. If the Filter field contains any sequence of characters, the tool will show only the file names containing the same sequence. See the following image.


The tool window also contains a toolbar. The following table details it’s buttons.

Button Action
ofb_StartPage Opens the Start page.
ofb_HelpPage Opens the MSDN default page.
ofb_OpenBrowser Opens a Web Browser. This button is hidden by default.
ofb_ObjectBrowser Opens the Object browser. This button is hidden by default.

Files containing unsaved changes are marked with the “*” sign.

The Hot bar to the left of file name (Hotbar) indicates how much time has elapsed since you applied the last changes to the file. The bar gradually becomes shorter and changes color from red to green with the passage of time, and disappears after the specified time span has elapsed.

To customize the Open Files tool options, use the Open Files options page.