Rotate 90 Degrees

Changes selected properties and code sections specifying a visual object’s position or dimensions, so that the object is turned 90 degrees. The code provider changes certain code sections in the following way:

Source Result
left, top, right, bottom top, left, bottom, right
X, Y Y, X
height, width width, height
Column, Row, Columns, Rows Row, Column, Rows, Columns
Horizontal, Vertical Vertical, Horizontal


From the context menus or via shortcuts:

  • when the edit cursor or caret is on the selected expression containing a property that specifies the position or dimensions of a visual object.


Rectangle MyRect = new Rectangle();
MyRect.X = 100;
MyRect.Y = 80;
Dim MyRect As Rectangle = New Rectangle()
MyRect.X = 100
MyRect.Y = 80


Rectangle MyRect = new Rectangle();
MyRect.Y = 100;
MyRect.X = 80;
Dim MyRect As Rectangle = New Rectangle()
MyRect.Y = 100
MyRect.X = 80