Selection Increase/Reduce

CodeRush Classic enables you to increase or reduce the selection by logical blocks.

To increase the selection, press the PLUS SIGN. This command is useful for quickly selecting a contiguous block of code. You can also use this command to select member and type declarations. Place the caret at the beginning of the declaration you want to select, and press the shortcut.


After increasing a selection, you can reduce it by pressing the MINUS SIGN. This reduces the selection by the same logical blocks by which it was last increased.

If the caret is inside white space (e.g., at the absolute beginning of a line), the parenting block that is first selected may be greater than you expect (for example, the first selection might be a method or an entire class, rather than the block that starts later on the same line. For best results, place the caret somewhere on the text of the code block you want to select.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.