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IntelliRush is an advanced alternative for the Visual Studio Intellisense. It is more elegant and intuitive to use, and requires fewer keystrokes and less time to find what you need. In addition, it is more helpful and shows more information than the standard Intellisense implementation.


If a selected IntelliRush item represents a method that has several overloads, you can press the Right Arrow key to display a window that contains the list of overloads and allows you to select the required one. Such items are marked with a right arrow sign on the right side.


The additional information on the selected overload is displayed to the right of the appropriate item.


You can use the Text fields for parameters option on the IntelliRush options page to specify the way text fields are inserted when you apply an overload. The following options are available:

You can filter the IntelliRush items by type. Press the Left Ctrl key to display the filter hint. Then, press the required button to display only items of a certain type. For example, press M to display only methods. To hide the hint without changing the current filtering conditions, press the Left Ctrl key once more.


In addition, you can filter displayed members by hierarchy. Tap Ctrl and press H when the IntelliRush tooltip is displayed to show hierarchical filtering options.


To select the desired class to filter, press the appropriate number button. You can also use the Ctrl/Shift key to show members declared in the specified class and above/below.

When you type the name of the desired identifier, IntelliRush highlights the symbols you have already typed.


In addition, you can resize the IntelliRush window by simply dragging its right-bottom corner.

You can specify IntelliRush options on the IntelliRush options page.