Call Stacks and Exceptions

  • 2 minutes to read

The Call Stacks and Exceptions tool makes it easier to read exceptions and call stacks.


To display information on an exception in the tool window, simply copy this information from the Exception Assistant window to the clipboard. CodeRush Classic automatically pastes it in the Exceptions and Stack Traces tool window.


Copy the call stack data from the Call Stack window to paste it in the Exceptions and Stack Traces window.


If you do not want CodeRush Classic to paste exception or call stack information automatically, release the estAutomaticallyPasteExceptions button in the Exceptions and Stack Traces toolbar. If this feature is disabled, activate the tool window and paste the information from the clipboard manually, using the appropriate shortcut (CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT).

Click the required element in the call stack to navigate to this element in code.


The tool window also contains a toolbar. The following table explains its buttons.

Button: estAutomaticallyPasteExceptions

If this tool is enabled, CodeRush Classic automatically adds information on an exception to the tool window as you copy this information to the clipboard. Otherwise, you can add the call stack or the exception information to the window using the Ctrl+V shortcut, or any other shortcut assigned to the Show Exception Details action.

Button: estDisplayHResultValue

Displays or hides the HResult value of an exception.

Button: estCompactRecursiveCalls

If this option is enabled, CodeRush Classic displays recursive method calls on a single line in the call stack, and adds a recursive call count to the beginning of the line. Otherwise, each recursive method call is displayed on a separate line.

  • Enabled


  • Disabled


Button: estShowExceptionStackLine

Highlights the call stack line that caused the exception.

Button: estStandardStackTraces

Displays the stack trace as a simple list.


Button: estGroupedStackTraces

Displays the stack trace as a grouped list. CodeRush Classic groups the stack trace items by class.


If you right click a tab, the tool window shows a context menu that enables you to close the current tab, close all tabs, or close all tabs except the current tab.