Smart Paste

CodeRush Classic offers you a Smart Paste feature that implies that you can apply some refactorings by cutting a code block and pasting it to a new location. Note that this feature is only available for a small subset of refactorings and code providers that involve moving code blocks.

Please refer to the Availability section in the documentation on these refactorings for additional information on how to use the Intelligent Paste feature.

Note: You can control the availability of Intelligent Paste and its behavior via the following pages in the CodeRush Classic Options dialog:

  • The Intelligent Paste Setup page allows you to change the maximum number of lines that you can cut and paste to apply the Intelligent Paste feature.
  • Option pages for refactorings (Editor | Refactoring | Refactoring Name) allow you to specify whether the Intelligent Paste feature should be available for a particular refactoring.
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