CodeRush Classic includes the Decompiler window that reveals source code inside compiled assemblies. You can directly open an assembly on disk, or you can load all referenced assemblies in the active project or solution in a single click.

The assembly structure is represented on the left and includes assemblies, namespaces, classes and members.

If you select a tree item, the Decompiler window shows the source code of the selected element in the code viewer on the right.

You can also click an element reference within the code viewer to directly jump to the source code for that element.


The Decompiler supports both C# and Visual Basic.


You can also use the Decompiler tool window to view the assembly resources.


You can navigate to declarations in referenced assemblies directly from the code. The default shortcut to bring up the CodeRush Classic “Jump to” menu (to jump to a decompiled declaration) is Ctrl+Alt+N.

Use the Decompiler options page to modify the tool window options.