Spell Checker

The spell checker tool window allows you to check the spelling of your entire solution with only a single click and view the results in a single window.


The Spell Checker window toolbar allows you to check spelling in the current solution (CheckSpellingButton), open the custom dictionary for edit (EditCustomDictionaryButton), and open the Spell Checker options page (ddcToolbarOptions).

The found issues are listed in the issue table, which shows the issue text and the name of the file containing the issue. Double click the desired item to open it in the code editor.

The code preview strip at the bottom of the tool window shows the code line containing the selected issue and highlights the issue.

You can process issues directly in the tool window. Right click the item you want to process to call the context menu, which allows you to open the issue in the code editor, replace the issue with one of suggested values, replace all equivalent issues with one of the suggested values, or add the issue to the custom dictionary.