Code Issues

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The Code Issues tool window displays all issues found in the code as a tree. The tool window can also display a code preview for an issue selected in the tree.


The Code Issues tool window toolbar includes the following button groups.

Group Description
twCodeIssues_groupSort Enables you to sort the displayed code issues by location or severity. Note that buttons in these group are enabled only if code issues are not grouped by type.
twCodeIssues_groupExpandCollapse These buttons enable you to expand and collapse tree nodes in a single click.
twCodeIssues_groupScope Specifies whether the tool window displays code issues contained in the current solution, project or file.
twCodeIssues_groupTreeNodes These buttons enable you to group code issues by a project, file and issue type.
twCodeIssues_FilterWindow Enables you to filter the displayed code issues using the filtering window. To hide a code issue from the tree, uncheck the appropriate item in the filtering window.
twCodeIssues_groupFont Enables you to increase or decrease the font size.
twCodeIssues_groupLayout Specifies whether the code preview is displayed beside the tree view, under the tree view, or is hidden.
twCodeIssues_groupOptions Provides quick access to code issues options.

If you right click a code issue in the tree view, the following context menu appears.


This menu enables you to suppress all code issues of the same type as the current issue, navigate to the current issue in the code editor, collapse and expand tree nodes.