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The References tool window displays all references found by the Tab to Next Reference feature as a tree. The tool window can also display a code preview for a reference selected in the tree.


By default, the tool window updates the references tree automatically each time the search has been performed. However, you can change this behavior by clicking the Live Sync button at the left side of the toolbar.


In this case, the Live Sync button is replaced with the On Command and Refresh buttons. The displayed references are updated once the Refresh button is clicked. To switch back to automatic synchronization, click the On Command button.


In addition to the buttons mentioned above, the tool window toolbar includes the following button groups.

Group Description
twReferences_groupSorting Buttons of this group enable you to sort tree nodes alphabetically and by item count.
twReferences_groupTreeNodes These buttons enable you to display tree nodes for projects, files, namespaces, classes and members respectively.
twReferences_groupAppearance Enables you to increase or decrease the font size, and show or hide additional visual elements in the tree view.
twReferences_groupLayout Specifies whether the code preview is displayed beside the tree view, under the tree view, or is hidden.
twReferences_groupMisc twReferences_btnVisualizeSearch - specifies whether or not a progress bar is displayed while a references search is being performed; twReferences_btnDistinguish - enables you to exclude constructor and destructor calls from the references tree, when displaying references to a class.