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Guide is an additional help system which includes topics with dynamically generated content based on current settings, state, and plug-ins that you have loaded. Dynamic content ensures this guide will stay up to date, even as your CodeRush Classic installation changes with new modules and as you explore and configure new features of the product.


The guide structure includes the tree of topics, and a content section that shows the currently selected topic. The topic tree enables you to easily find out what topics have been already read. They are marked with the iReadTopic icon. Unread topics are marked with the iUnreadTopic icon.

If you know the approximate name of the desired topic, you do not have to manually find it in the tree. Type a part of the name in the Topic Search field located over the topic tree. This will open the first topic whose name contains the typed character sequence. Press the btnNextTopic button to go the next topic satisfying the specified search pattern.

The topic tree context menu includes the following items:

Menu Item Description
Filter by Enables you to filter topics by programming language. The available filtering criteria are: All languages, Active language, Basic, C/C++, CSharp, HTML, XML.
Mark topic as read/unread Marks the selected topic as read (unread). If the selected tree item contains child items, the Mark topic and children as read/unread context menu item is also available.
Options Opens the User Guide options page.

If the “Show page editing items in tutorial context menu” option on the User Guide options page is enabled, you can edit, add, remove and move topics within the topic tree, because the following context menu items become available:

Menu Item Description
Edit Page Opens the selected page for edit.
Add Topic Adds a new child topic to the currently selected topic.
Add Root Topic Adds a new topic to the topic tree root.
Delete Topic Removes the selected topic.
Edit Topic Product Opens the window that enables you to change the product associated with the selected topic.
Move Topic Up Moves the topic up in the table of contents.
Move Topic Down Moves the topic down in the table of contents.