Duplicate Code

The Duplicate Code page enables you to specify DDC - Duplicate Detection and Consolidation options.


The option page includes the following options.


Analyse code for duplicates in a background thread

Enables or disables background duplicates search. If this option is enabled, you can specify in what cases CodeRush Classic restarts duplicates search. The following cases are available.

  • When opening a new solution
  • When source code files are added to or removed from the solution
  • When projects are added to or removed from the solution
  • After source code changes substantially, more then X lines
  • After source code changes marginally (fewer then X lines), but Y minutes have passed


Analysis Level

The value of this option affects the minimum number of statements contained in a code block processed by the duplicates search engine.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.