DxDataGridSelectionColumn Members

A selection column.


Name Description
DxDataGridSelectionColumn() Initializes a new instance of the class.


Name Description
FixedStyle Specifies whether the column is moved or anchored to the grid’s edge when users scroll the grid horizontally. Inherited from DxDataGridColumnBase<T>.
SelectAllCheckboxVisible Specifies whether the ‘Select All’ check box is visible in the grid’s selection command column.
ShowInColumnChooser Specifies whether a column should be displayed in the Column Chooser. Inherited from DxDataGridColumnBase<T>.
Visible Specifies whether a column is visible in the grid. Inherited from DxDataColumnBase.
VisibleIndex Specifies a column’s visible index. Inherited from DxDataColumnBase.
Width Specifies a column’s width. Inherited from DxDataColumnBase.


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