DxDataGridColumn Properties

A data column with a text editor.
Name Description
AllowFilter Specifies whether users can filter grid data against this column.
AllowGroup Specifies whether users can group grid data by this column.
AllowSort Specifies whether users can sort data by the column’s values.
Caption Specifies the column’s caption.
ClearButtonDisplayMode Specifies whether the Clear button is displayed in a non-empty editor that corresponds to a column in the Edit Form.
DisplayTemplate Specifies a display template for column cells.
EditFormVisibleIndex Specifies the column’s visible index in the edit form.
EditorVisible Specifies whether a column editor is visible in the grid when a user edits grid data.
EditTemplate Specifies a template used to display the column’s editor.
Field Specifies a data source field assigned to the current column.
FixedStyle Specifies whether the column is moved or anchored to the grid’s edge when users scroll the grid horizontally. Inherited from DxDataGridColumnBase<T>.
GroupIndex Specifies the column’s index among group columns. If the property is set to -1, the grid data is not grouped by this column.
ShowInColumnChooser Specifies whether a column should be displayed in the Column Chooser. Inherited from DxDataGridColumnBase<T>.
SortIndex Specifies the column’s index among sorted columns. If the property is set to -1, the grid data is not sorted by this column.
SortOrder Specifies the column’s sort order.
TextAlignment Specifies the text alignment in the column.
Visible Specifies whether a column is visible in the grid. Inherited from DxDataColumnBase.
VisibleIndex Specifies a column’s visible index. Inherited from DxDataColumnBase.
Width Specifies a column’s width. Inherited from DxDataColumnBase.
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