DxDataGrid<T> Properties

A Data Grid component.
Name Description
AllowColumnDragDrop Specifies whether users can drag and drop a data grid’s columns.
AllowSort Specifies whether users can sort grid data.
AutoCollapseDetailRow Specifies whether an expanded detail row should be automatically collapsed when an end user expands another detail row.
ColumnResizeMode Specifies whether and how users can resize Data Grid columns.
Columns Specifies the data grid’s column collection.
CssClass Specifies the name of the component’s CSS class. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
CustomData Specifies an asynchronous function that loads grid data based on the specified load options.
Data Specifies a strongly typed collection that supplies grid data.
DataAsync Specifies an asynchronous function that returns grid data.
DataNavigationMode Specifies how users navigate through grid data.
DataRowCssClass Specifies the CSS class for grid rows.
DetailRows Provides access to a detail row’s settings.
DetailRowTemplate Specifies a template used to display a detail row.
EditFormTemplate Specifies a template used to display the edit form.
EditMode Specifies how users edit grid data.
GroupSummary Specifies the collection of group summary items.
HeaderTemplate Specifies a template for a Data Grid’s header.
HorizontalScrollBarMode Specifies the horizontal scroll bar’s display mode.
Id For internal use only. Inherited from DxComponentBase.
InnerComponentSizeMode Specifies the size of the Data Grid’s inner components.
KeyFieldName Specifies the key data field’s name.
MultipleSelectedDataRows Specifies the selected data rows.
PageCount Gets the total number of pages in the grid.
PageIndex Specifies the grid active page’s index.
PagerAllDataRowsItemVisible Specifies whether the All item is displayed in the page size selector.
PagerAllowedPageSizes Specifies predefined page sizes displayed in the page size selector.
PagerAutoHideNavButtons Specifies whether or not Data Grid pager’s navigation buttons are hidden when all numeric buttons are displayed.
PagerNavigationMode Specifies how users navigate between the grid pages.
PagerPageSizeSelectorVisible Specifies whether the page size selector is displayed.
PagerSwitchToInputBoxButtonCount Specifies the number of pages when the Data Grid’s pager switches from numeric buttons to the Go to Page input box in Auto mode.
PagerVisibleNumericButtonCount Specifies the maximum number of numeric buttons the Data Grid’s pager displays simultaneously in NumericButtons mode.
PageSize Specifies the maximum number of rows that the grid can display on a page.
PopupEditFormCssClass Specifies the name of the CSS class applied to the Data Grid’s Edit Form displayed in a pop-up window.
PopupEditFormHeaderText Specifies text displayed in the pop-up Edit Form’s header.
RowPreviewTemplate Specifies a template used to display row preview sections.
SelectAllMode Specifies whether the grid selects all rows on a page or all pages.
SelectionMode Specifies whether users can select rows in the grid.
ShowColumnHeaders Specifies whether the grid displays column headers.
ShowDetailRow Specifies whether to display detail rows.
ShowFilterRow Specifies whether the grid displays the filter row.
ShowGroupedColumns Specifies whether grouped columns are displayed within the data grid.
ShowGroupPanel Specifies whether the Group Panel is visible in the grid.
ShowPager Specifies whether or not the grid displays the pager.
SingleSelectedDataRow Specifies the selected data row.
TotalSummary Specifies the collection of total summary items.
VerticalScrollableHeight Specifies the scrollable area’s height.
VerticalScrollBarMode Specifies the vertical scrollbar’s display mode.
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