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DxDataGrid<T>.SaveLayout() Method

Saves information about a grid’s layout.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v22.1.dll


public string SaveLayout()


Type Description

A JSON string that with grid layout data.



The Data Grid was moved to maintenance support mode. No new features/capabilities will be added to this component. We recommend that you migrate to the Grid component.

Use the SaveLayout method to save the grid’s layout. The layout information includes the current page, column sort order/direction, column position, filter values, and grouped columns.


The saved layout does not include information about expanded rows in groups.

To restore the saved layout, pass the string returned by the SaveLayout method to the LoadLayout(String) method.

The DxDataGrid<T> also contains the following save/restore layout events:

  • LayoutRestoring - Fires when a grid has been initialized and you can restore its layout (if needed).
  • LayoutChanged - Fires when a user changes a grid’s layout.

The code below demonstrates how to save and restore the grid’s layout.

<DxDataGrid ...

@code {
     void OnLayoutChanged(IDataGridLayout dataGridLayout) {
        var layout = dataGridLayout.SaveLayout();
        // persist the layout in your storage
    void OnLayoutRestoring(IDataGridLayout dataGridLayout) {
        var layout = … // restore layout from your storage

View Example: Blazor Data Grid - How to save/load a grid's layout information

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