DataGridHtmlRowDecorationEventArgs<T>.DataItem Property

A data source item that corresponds to the processed row.

Namespace: DevExpress.Blazor

Assembly: DevExpress.Blazor.v21.1.dll


public T DataItem { get; }

Property Value

Type Description

The grid’s data item type that equals the type of items stored in a bound data collection (IEnumerable<T> or IQueryable<T>).


This argument is used to specify a data source item that corresponds to a grid row customized via the HtmlRowDecoration event.

The HtmlRowDecoration event allows you to change row decoration settings. The type of the HtmlRowDecoration event arguments depends on the RowType value:

To change an individual cell’s decoration settings, handle the HtmlDataCellDecoration event.

The code below handles the HtmlRowDecoration and HtmlDataCellDecoration events to color data grid cells, rows, and columns according to their values.

<DxDataGrid Data="@DataSource"
    <DxDataGridColumn Field="@nameof(Order.Product)"></DxDataGridColumn>

@code {
    IEnumerable<Product> DataSource;


    void OnHtmlRowDecoration(DataGridHtmlRowDecorationEventArgs<Order> eventArgs) {
        if (eventArgs.VisibleIndex % 2 == 1)
            eventArgs.CssClass = " table-dark";
        if (eventArgs.DataItem != null && eventArgs.DataItem.UnitsInOrder > largeOrder)
            eventArgs.CssClass = " table-warning font-weight-bold";
            eventArgs.Attributes.Add("data-low-price", "");
    void OnHtmlDataCellDecoration(DataGridHtmlDataCellDecorationEventArgs<Order> eventArgs) {
        eventArgs.CssClass += " border-0";

        if (eventArgs.FieldName == nameof(Order.Product)) {
            if (eventArgs.RowVisibleIndex % 2 == 1)
                eventArgs.Style += " background-color: rgb(169, 148, 200); color: black;";
                eventArgs.Style += " background-color: rgb(210, 198, 233); color: black;";

            if (eventArgs.DataItem.UnitsInOrder > largeOrder) {
                eventArgs.CssClass += " font-weight-bold";

DataGrid Conditional Highlighting

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