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BootstrapClientChartBase.PointClick Event

Fires when a user clicks a series point.


PointClick: ASPxClientEvent<BootstrapClientChartBasePointClickEventHandler<BootstrapClientChartBase>>

Event Data

The PointClick event's data class is BootstrapUIWidgetElementClickEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
component The widget instance. Inherited from BootstrapUIWidgetEventArgsBase.
element The widget's container. Inherited from BootstrapUIWidgetEventArgsBase.
jQueryEvent The jQuery event that caused the handler execution.
target The DOM element that initiated the event. Inherited from BootstrapUIWidgetElementActionEventArgs.


The target event argument specifies the clicked series point.


A click on a series point causes the BootstrapClientChartBase.SeriesClick event to fire after the PointClick event. To prevent this behavior, assign true to the BootstrapUIWidgetElementClickEventArgs.jQueryEvent.cancel field of the object passed to the PointClick event handler as the argument.

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