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BootstrapRangeSelectorChart.BottomIndent Property

Specifies a coefficient for determining an indent from the bottom background boundary to the lowest chart point.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v18.2.dll


[DefaultValue(typeof(decimal), "0")]
[Range(typeof(decimal), "0", "1")]
public decimal BottomIndent { get; set; }
<DefaultValue(GetType(Decimal), "0")>
<Range(GetType(Decimal), "0", "1")>
Public Property BottomIndent As Decimal

Property Value

Type Default Description


A decimal number that specifies the coefficient.


When this property is set to a value that is greater than zero, the chart's value axis is expanded from its initial min value. This is helpful when you need to display the chart series with an indent from the bottom background boundary.

Since this property value is a coefficient, you can set a value for the axis extension without knowledge of the actual axis values. The resulting start axis value is calculated using the following formula: min - (max - min)*bottomIndent. If min is 1050, max is 2050 and bottomIndent is 0.1, the resulting start axis value will be 950.

You can also set the chart's BootstrapRangeSelectorChart.TopIndent property to specify an indent from the top background boundary to the topmost chart point.

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