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BootstrapGridViewBatchEditSettings Members

Contains Batch Edit Mode specific settings.


Name Description
BootstrapGridViewBatchEditSettings(ASPxGridView) Initializes a new instance of the BootstrapGridViewBatchEditSettings class.


Name Description
AllowEndEditOnValidationError Specifies whether an editor can lose focus when validation fails. Inherited from GridBatchEditSettings.
AllowRegularDataItemTemplate Specifies whether a data item template should be overwritten in a data cell when its editing is completed. Inherited from GridBatchEditSettings.
AllowValidationOnEndEdit Specifies whether an editor value should be validated when editing is completed. Inherited from GridBatchEditSettings.
AlwaysShowCheckboxesInCheckColumns Specifies whether or not Check Column cells should display native checkboxes both in Edit and Browse modes when batch editing is enabled.
EditMode Specifies which control element (data cell or data row) is used to edit the data. Inherited from GridViewBatchEditSettings.
ErrorImagePosition Gets or sets the position of the validation error image relative to the editor content. Inherited from GridBatchEditSettings.
HighlightDeletedRows Specifies if the deleted row is highlighted in Batch Edit Mode. Inherited from GridViewBatchEditSettings.
ShowConfirmOnLosingChanges Provides the capability to disable the confirmation message. Inherited from GridBatchEditSettings.
StartEditAction Specifies the action that will be used to begin editing grid data in batch edit mode. Inherited from GridBatchEditSettings.


Name Description
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