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BootstrapGridViewAdaptivitySettings Members

Contains settings that relate to the grid's adaptivity.


Name Description
BootstrapGridViewAdaptivitySettings(ASPxGridView) Initializes a new instance of the BootstrapGridViewAdaptivitySettings class.


Name Description
AdaptiveColumnPosition Specifies the position of the adaptive column. Inherited from ASPxGridViewAdaptivitySettings.
AdaptiveDetailColumnCount Gets or sets the number of columns in an adaptive detail row. Inherited from ASPxGridViewAdaptivitySettings.
AdaptiveDetailLayoutProperties Provides access to the settings allowing you to customize the adaptive detail row layout.
AdaptivityMode Specifies the grid capability to respond to browser window resizing. Inherited from ASPxGridViewAdaptivitySettings.
AllowHideDataCellsByColumnMinWidth Specifies whether the grid should hide a column if its width is less than the GridViewColumn.MinWidth property value. Inherited from ASPxGridViewAdaptivitySettings.
AllowOnlyOneAdaptiveDetailExpanded Specifies whether several adaptive detail rows can be expanded simultaneously. Inherited from ASPxGridViewAdaptivitySettings.
HideDataCellsAtWindowInnerWidth Gets or sets a value that defines the maximum browser window inner width when the grid hides its content when rendered.


Name Description
Assign(PropertiesBase) Copies the settings of the specified object to the current one. Inherited from ASPxGridViewAdaptivitySettings.
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