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BootstrapChartCommonAxisSettings.MinValueMargin Property

Controls the empty space between the minimum series points and the axis. Applies only to the axes of the "continuous" and "logarithmic" type.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v18.2.dll


public double? MinValueMargin { get; set; }
Public Property MinValueMargin As Double?

Property Value

Type Default Description


A double value that specifies the empty space.

Property Paths

You can access this nested property as listed below:

Object Type Path to MinValueMargin


By default, the axes extend slightly beyond their extrema generating an empty space between the axes and the minimum/maximum series points. It prevents cutting off parts of those points. To control this empty space, use the MinValueMargin and BootstrapChartCommonAxisSettings.MaxValueMargin properties. These properties are used in the following formulas for the actual start and end axis values.

startAxisValue = min - (max - min) * minValueMargin

endAxisValue = max + (max - min) * maxValueMargin

For example, consider that min is 1960 and max is 2010. If you set the MinValueMargin and MaxValueMargin properties to 0.1, the axis will start in 1955 and end in 2015.

startAxisValue = 1960 - (2010 - 1960) * 0.1 = 1960 - 50 * 0.1 = 1960 - 5 = 1955

endAxisValue = 2010 + (2010 - 1960) * 0.1 = 2010 + 50 * 0.1 = 2010 + 5 = 2015


Note for Bar-like series: If you set either the BootstrapChartCommonAxisSettings.ValueMarginsEnabled property to false or the MinValueMargin and BootstrapChartCommonAxisSettings.MaxValueMargin properties to 0, bars on the sides will be cropped. To prevent this behavior, set ValueMarginsEnabled to true and keep the MinValueMargin and MaxValueMargin properties unspecified.

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