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BootstrapChartBase.OnClientCustomizeLabel Property

Customizes the appearance of an individual point label on the client side.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v18.2.dll


public string OnClientCustomizeLabel { get; set; }
Public Property OnClientCustomizeLabel As String

Property Value

Type Default Description


An object providing information about the series point that the label belongs to.


All point labels in a chart are identical by default, but you can specify a unique appearance for individual labels using the customizeLabel function. This function should return an object with options that will be changed for a certain label. See the BootstrapChartSeriesLabelSettings object for information about all options available for changing.

The OnClientCustomizeLabel function accepts an object providing information about the series point that the label belongs to. This object contains the following fields.




The argument of the series point.


The value of the series point.

In the range bar and range area series, the value field is replaced by the BootstrapChartRangeSeriesBase.RangeValue1Field and BootstrapChartRangeSeriesBase.RangeValue2Field fields.

In the financial series (candlestick and stock), the value field is replaced by the BootstrapChartFinancialSeriesBase.OpenValueField, BootstrapChartFinancialSeriesBase.CloseValueField, BootstrapChartFinancialSeriesBase.LowValueField and BootstrapChartFinancialSeriesBase.HighValueField fields.


The tag of the series point.


The series that includes the series point.


The index of the series point in the points array.


This example demonstrates how you can use the OnClientCustomizeLabel property to make the label's background transparent.

function OnCustomizeLabel(pointInfo) {     
    return {
        backgroundColor: "transparent",
        font: {
            color: "black"
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