BootstrapCardViewColumnDisplayTextEventArgs(BootstrapCardViewColumn, Int32, Object) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the BootstrapCardViewColumnDisplayTextEventArgs class.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v19.2.dll


public BootstrapCardViewColumnDisplayTextEventArgs(
    BootstrapCardViewColumn column,
    int visibleIndex,
    object _value
Public Sub New(
    column As BootstrapCardViewColumn,
    visibleIndex As Integer,
    _value As Object


Name Type Description
column BootstrapCardViewColumn

A BootstrapCardViewColumn descendant that represents the data column which contains the processed cell. This value is assigned to the BootstrapCardViewColumnDisplayTextEventArgs.Column property.

visibleIndex Int32

An integer zero-based index that identifies the row where the processed cell resides. This value is assigned to the ASPxGridColumnDisplayTextEventArgs.VisibleIndex property.

_value Object

An object that represents the cell's edit value. This value is assigned to the ASPxGridColumnDisplayTextEventArgs.Value property.

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