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SubDocument Members

Exposes the settings providing the information about the essential document functionality.


Name Description
bookmarksInfo Provides information about document bookmarks.
fieldsInfo Provides information about fields in the current document.
floatingPicturesInfo Provides information about floating pictures in the sub-document.
floatingTextBoxesInfo Provides information about floating text boxes contained within the sub-document if it is the main sub-document or header/footer.
id Gets the sub-document identifier.
inlinePicturesInfo Provides access to an array of objects containing in-line picture settings.
length Gets the character length of the document.
paragraphsInfo Provides information about paragraphs contained in the document.
tablesInfo Provides information about tables contained in the document.
text Gets the document's textual representation.
type Gets a value specifying the sub-document type.


Name Description
findBookmarks(arg) Returns an array of bookmarks that match the search conditions.
findFields(arg) Returns an array of fields that match the search conditions.
findParagraphs(arg) Returns an array of paragraphs that match the search conditions.
findTables(arg) Returns an array of tables that match the search conditions.
getFloatingTextBoxInfo Returns information specific for floating text boxes about the sub-document.
getTextByInterval(interval) Return the document's textual representation contained in the specified interval.
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